Bring the photographer to your home.

I find myself in many different places with my camera in hand.  Sometimes it's the beach, a park, or even the street that I venture to when it comes to photographing people.  Lately, I find myself in the setting of their own lives, their homes.  Our home is not just a place that we rest our heads at night, feed our families, or entertain our daily existence,  but it is the essence of us.  It quietly holds all of those big and small moments in time.  The walls not only hold up the structure that supports us, but they stand witness to our private and precious little life snapshots.  

There are stories to be told inside the rooms of our homes and when I bring my camera with me, there's a faint whisper that pulls me to the right moment and then the fun begins.  It may sound a bit cheesy, but I never really know what I'm going to see when I place my eye up to the viewfinder of my SLR.  It's sort of like settling in for a good movie.  I place myself behind the frame and wait for the story to come to life. 

Here's a little photo story from my time with Denise and her growing family at their home in Rehoboth Beach, DE on the bay.  It was sunrise when I walked into their warm lit living room as I encountered smiling faces and nice cup of Nespresso.  The rest was up to the universe.