I step out onto the beach, kick off my flip flops, and gather a family to be photographed.  Usually there are grandparents, parents, and the youngest of the group, the kids.  Not only do I love kids to begin with, but I probably just relate to them the most.   I'm kind of a kid at heart and they have this sense of abandon and freedom that we all sometimes want to attain.  

My favorite thing about photographing kids, is that whatever plan might be in place, they always have a different one.  And usually, it's a better one.  So, I follow along with excitement and smiles as they decide to run from the group and play, or jump into grandpa's arms, or just run down the beach for the fun of it.  In those moments, I'm reminded of what we're all really here for, to be present.

It's for "the fun of it" that I'm here too.  I want to run, I want to jump, and I even get my clothes wet by the end because I can't help but chase them.  So, here's a little tribute to the kids that make all those life moments more fun than we ever expected, and always more memorable.

Tiff :)