Candice & Micheal met me in a Starbucks last year to talk over some cups of joe about their wedding.  I could tell right away that they were the YING to each other's YANG.  We talked about their romance in Chicago and their plans for a wedding here at the beach.  About a year later, I met them again at the Rehoboth Art League a few days before their wedding to look at the ceremony location and what was in store for the day.  It was in this moment that I realized how TALL they were, or how short I am (insert laughter here).  It was clear this was going to be a beautiful wedding full of class, pure joy, and just plain love.  With a garden ceremony and beach front reception at The Big Chill Beach Club, this wedding did not disappoint!  Enjoy this documentary look at their wedding day as it happened, including some seriously bold looks, fun filled reckless abandon, and lots of height. - Tiff :)