On being an OUT wedding photographer...

I am a photographer by default.  Life and the people I encounter have always inspired me from the moment I opened my eyes.  However, it wasn't until I found a way to capture it visually that I was able to do so through the lens.  I am also a mother of five, a good friend, a serious coffee drinker, a fearless once in a while guitar player in fun jam sessions with my partner in life, Nicole, at the local bar, and the list goes on.  I have been watching and photographing the world around me since I was in high school. I found my first single lens reflex camera at a local thrift store and I've been shooting ever since.  I think that emotion in life, and in a photo, is what really engages me and so it would only make sense that "love" and "people in love" have become my focus over the years.  Love is the most profound emotion, in my opinion, and the one that seems to endure.  Weddings seemed a bit intimidating to me at first, but when one of my best friends asked me to shoot her wedding, and she wouldn't take "no" for an answer, I found myself catching the bug for shooting weddings . Five years later, I'm still at it and loving it more every year. 

I was married to my partner and love of my life, Nicole Sachs, on October 6, 2012 and now that civil unions are legal in Delaware, along with marriage in Maryland, I can share in the joy of couples who are finally able to have their long awaited weddings!  Not only has this opened up a whole new avenue for me as a photographer, but even more so it has overjoyed me on a personal level.  I had been shooting weddings for years,  yet never felt that I myself could share in the same joy of the couples I had witnessed.  Not to say, I hadn't enjoyed being a part of a couple's magical wedding day, because it still brings tears and smiles to my face even from behind the camera.  However, knowing that I myself may never have the chance to share in this same kind of joy was sometimes a bit sad.  The gay community has long awaited for this chance to be a part of legal marriage in this country.  And, not just to be accepted under the veil of legal marriage, but to being accepted as EQUAL in the eyes of marriage in our culture.  I hope that through my own example as being an OUT Wedding Photographer and a OUT and PROUD family in my community that I can be the change I wish to see in the world.  I also believe that through photographs we can evoke not only emotion but a strong message for all types of people to witness.  That message is of "love."  That love is love not matter how it finds its ways into two people's hearts.  The message is clear and hopefully through my photos, undeniable. :)

From our wedding on October 6, 2012.